Zoe Wicomb and the Translocal: Scotland and South Africa

13-14 September 2012, University of York


University of York, 13-14 September 2012

Keynote:  Dorothy DRIVER (Adelaide)

Public readings: Elleke BOEHMER, Brian CHIKWAVA, JM COETZEE, Patrick FLANERY, Michael Cawood GREEN, Abdulrazak GURNAH, & Zoë WICOMB


This unique author-focussed conference series, begun at SOAS in 2008 with “Zoë Wicomb: Texts and Histories”and followed up at Stellenbosch University in 2010 with “The Cape & the Cosmopolitan: Reading Zoë Wicomb”, will be rounded off with “Zoë Wicomb & the Translocal” at the University of York in 2012.

The conference will ask how the different sites of Wicomb’s life and work illustrate and challenge notions of the ‘translocal’ in her fiction and criticism, and in new and emerging scholarship about her writing. Straddling the local and the global, South Africa and Scotland, or the Cape and Glasgow (though not necessarily in that order), Wicomb’s work reveals a consistent interest in and interrogation of home and belonging, space and place. Her writing is at once regional, national, and cosmopolitan, making a distinctive contribution to the international literature on migrancy. Focusing on the visual and the geographical, this final colloquium in the series considers the cross-disciplinary and translocal dialogue on Wicomb’s work in these multiple and intersecting sites. Our interest is precisely in the ‘loose ends’: the ongoing conversations, remaining questions, resonant locations.

CONVENORS:  Derek ATTRIDGE (York), David ATTWELL (York), Kai EASTON (SOAS), Meg SAMUELSON (Stellenbosch)

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Zoe Wicomb and the Translocal

September 13th, 2012
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